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CADDYSACK® Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser

CADDYSACK® Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser

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CADDYSACK® is the Complete Package. Strategically designed, the CADDYSACK® Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser comes with weighted golf ball marker, golf towel, 2 golf balls and carabiner to affix to your golf bag. This unique addition to your traditional golf gear will keep all your bits in one convenient spot and turn heads at the same time. 

Easily squeeze the golf balls from the dispenser - No need to put golf balls in your pocket or go back to your golf cart. 

The CADDYSACK® is a fun and functional unique golf gift and makes a great golf tournament prize or bachelor party gift! PATENT PENDING

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Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser: Made of quality, durable silicone material, easy to clean, holds 2 golf balls with a slot to hold the golf ball marker. Easily squeeze the balls from the dispenser. No need to put balls in your pocket or go back to the cart.

Golf Towel: Keep your hands, clubs, and balls clean and dry with the quality Golf Towel sized at 15" x 10" waffle material, super absorbent cotton and polyester.

Golf Ball Marker: Easily mark the position of your golf ball with the handy weighted iron Golf Ball Marker that conveniently sits in the CADDYSACK® slot.

Golf Balls: Comes with 2 durable Golf Balls that conveniently sit inside the CADDYSACK®. Squeeze the balls out of the holes when needed.

Carabiner: Hang your CADDYSACK® and Golf Towel from your golf bag or golf cart with the 3" aluminum Carabiner.

Gift Box: High quality gift box with foam insert, 5-3/4 (width)" x 8-1/4" (length) x 2-3/4" (height)

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