Our Story

Welcome to the story of how a simple idea and a lot of laughs turned into a fun and functional product that's adding some humour to the game of golf.

It all started with a family Christmas dinner, some beer and a little wine. A discussion ensued about what would make a great novelty golf gift. It had to be fun and functional. We had a lightbulb moment - What if there was a better way to carry and dispense golf balls? 

And thus, “CADDYSACK® was born - a sleek, easy-to-use golf ball dispenser - that looks like a ballsack.

But we didn't stop there. As we continued to develop and design an anatomically perfect prototype, we discovered that it wasn't just a convenience - it was a game-changer. By combining the CADDYSACK® with a weighted ball marker, golf towel and carabiner, players could enjoy the game to its fullest without fumbling for their balls. With the addition of an upscale gift box, we now had the Complete Package – the perfect functional novelty golf gift.

Crafting the perfect packaging was no small feat. We were determined to ensure that our "complete package" remained free of plastics. We designed it to cradle the golf balls and golf ball marker inside the CADDYSACK®, while the Carabiner and CADDYSACK® nestled neatly within a custom foam insert for convenient off-season storage. The golf towel was carefully folded atop the CADDYSACK®, ready to surprise the lucky gift recipient!

The CADDYSACK® was presented to numerous focus groups with great feedback. It was launched in early 2023 at golf trade shows in Canada and the United States with an overwhelming positive response. 

At CADDYSACK®, we're passionate about adding fun and humour to the game of golf and helping players enjoy themselves on the course. We're also nuts about having a good time, because let's face it, golf can be a pretty serious sport. That's why we made sure that CADDYSACK® has just the right amount of humor to make even the most serious golfers turn their heads and crack a smile.

We're excited to see where this journey takes us and we promise to keep the laughs coming. After all, life's too short not to have a little fun on the green.

CaddySack Crew