Cabot Cape Breton Golf Course - A CADDYSACK Golf Review

Cabot Cape Breton Golf Course – A CADDYSACK® Golf Review

CADDYSACK® Golf here to give you the inside scoop on Cabot Cape Breton Golf Course, the crown jewel of Cape Breton Island. If you're looking for a golfing adventure that's more exciting than a hole-in-one on the 18th, this is your destination. We recently had the good fortune to play at both courses - Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links.

Scenic Splendor - 5/5

Cabot Cape Breton isn't just a golf course; it's a masterpiece painted by the golf gods themselves. The dramatic coastal setting will make you feel like you're playing on the edge of the world. Waves crashing, seagulls soaring, and rugged cliffs framing the fairways – it's the stuff golfing dreams are made of.

Course Design - 5/5

Designed by the legendary duo, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, this course is like a puzzle with more twists and turns than a political thriller. The layout flows with the natural contours of the land, challenging every club in your bag and every ounce of your strategy. And if your balls veer off-course, just hope it ends up in a playable lie, not the fescue that's more tangled than your grandma's knitting.

Course Conditions - 5/5

The fairways are like pristine carpets, and the greens roll so smooth they'd make a billiard table jealous. Mother Nature can play a role, and you might find yourself battling the elements – from brisk winds to unpredictable weather that can make your round feel like four seasons in one day. We experienced the perfect golf weather and narrowly missed meeting Tropical Storm Lee.

Customer Service - 5/5

The folks at Cabot Cape Breton deserve applause for their hospitality and patience. They treat you like a long-lost friend who just happened to stumble onto their golfing paradise. Need a caddy to help you navigate the course's challenges? They've got you covered, and they won't even laugh too hard at your swing (well, not out loud, at least).

Amenities - 4/5

The clubhouse is like a cozy cabin from a postcard, complete with a fireplace and enough whisky to warm your heart and numb your golfing woes. The restaurant serves up hearty meals, perfect for refueling after battling the course.

Value for Money - 5/5

Cabot Cape Breton is undoubtedly a premium golf experience, and it comes with a premium price tag. While the course, service, and setting are exceptional, it may not be within everyone's budget. However, for serious golf enthusiasts seeking a once-in-a-lifetime golfing adventure, the experience can be well worth the cost.


Cabot Cape Breton is like a golfing nirvana that should be on every golfer's bucket list. It's where you'll create stories, share laughs, and maybe lose a few balls to the sea. If you're ready for an epic adventure on the links, pack your clubs and your CADDYSACK ® and head to Cabot Cape Breton. It's golfing heaven, with a touch of Cape Breton magic.




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