Golf Ball Marker Do's and Dont's

Ball Marker Do's and Don'ts - Because Who Needs More Trouble in Their Short Game?

Some simple ball marker etiquette will help you avoid trouble in the short game. Want to play like the pros? Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts of ball marking:


  1. Keep your marker handy- know which pocket its in and make sure you return it to the same spot after every game.
  2. Mark your ball BEFORE you pick your ball up (to avoid a nasty penalty stroke).
  3. Put your marker down BEHIND the ball- you can get it out of the way of another player, clean it or line up the markers on the ball to improve your accuracy.
  4. If it is directly in the line of another player, move the marker 1 club length laterally on either side of the line.
  5. Use a high quality ball marker like the one that comes with the CADDYSACK™.


  1. Step on another player's putt line (or cast a shadow on their line). It won't cost you a stroke, but might get you a few dirty looks.
  2. Pick up or mark another player's ball without permission of that player.
  3. Use a different ball than the one you originally marked.
  4. Lose your CADDYSACK™ ball marker.


There are many technical rules to the game, but these ball marker do's and don'ts are a few to remember. Keep these in mind and you’ll be sure to save a few arguments - and maybe a few strokes on your game!


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