How to assemble and use your new CaddySack Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser

How to Use the CaddySack Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser - Funny Golf Gift Demo


 We're going to show you how to use the CaddySack Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser—the funniest and most practical golf accessory you'll ever own.

Step 1 - Someone special just gave you a CaddySack. When you receive your CaddySack, it comes in a stylish gift box, making it the perfect present for any golf enthusiast.

Step 2 - Experience Shock and Awe! Inside, you'll find the CaddySack Golf Ball Holder and Dispenser, a high-quality golf towel, a ball marker, two golf balls, and a carabiner to attach everything to your golf bag.

Step 3 - Adjust your Bits and Bobs. First, take the two golf balls and drop them into the hole at the back of the holder. The unique design allows the balls to stay securely in place until you need them. Add the ball marker in the slot and attach the golf towel.

Step 4 - Give it a practice squeeze. When you're ready to play, simply squeeze the bottom of the CaddySack, and a golf ball will pop out, ready for action. It's that easy!

Step 5 - Make sure your CaddySack is well hung by placing the golf towel and CaddySack on your Golf Bag with the Carabiner. Now, you have a convenient and hilarious way to keep your golf balls handy during your game.

Step 6 - Now go turn some heads and have some fun!

The CaddySack not only adds a touch of humor to your game, but it's also a functional accessory that every golfer will appreciate.

Available at CaddySack Golf website and Amazon US and Canada.

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